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Agiva Shampoo Black Garlic

Agiva Shampoo Black Garlic. Agiva hair shampoo 01 keratin complex formula 500 ml. A shampoo that nourishes and replenishes hair, the scalp, and the roots, right down to the ends.

Agiva hair conditioner with clay extract 1000 ml. During the process, it removes the odor of garlic but the amount of antioxidant becomes 10 times higher! A shampoos that nourishes and replenishes hair, the scalp and the roots, right down to the ends.

A Shampoos That Nourishes And Replenishes Hair, The Scalp And The Roots, Right Down To The Ends.

Ad worth over €290, get the 2022 essentials goody bag free when you spend €185 at cult beauty. Keratin, on the other hand, provides targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair surface. black garlic is a product of a careful fermentation process from fresh garlic.


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During The Process, It Removes The Odor Of Garlic But The Amount Of Antioxidant Becomes 10 Times Higher!

Regular price $19.99 sale price $14.99 sale. Black garlic is an extremely versatile ingredient. Shampoo with organic black garlic (the main ingredient) it is made with natural ingredients and oils to help promote a healthier scalp and thicker hair.

Black Garlic Is A 100% Natural Product!

Agiva sea salt hair spray. (reduce hair loss and scalp irritation). Agiva is a supercharged hair care complex for heavy hair fall.

Garlic Extract Regulates The Secretion Of Sebaceous Glands And Helps To Get Rid Of Dandruff, Stimulates Hair Growth, Contains Numerous Vitamins And Trace Elements, Which Especially Affects The Condition Of The Most Weakened Hair.


مناسب برای:آقایان و خانم ها. Agiva hair shampoo 02 biotin complex formula 1000 ml. Bioxsine black garlic shampoo the uniqueness of the black garlic shampoo.

Harems Black Garlic Extract Shampoo 375 Ml.

Agiva hair shampoo with botox extract 1000 ml. It is a cosmetic shampoo for daily use. Agiva hair styling color wax.

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