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Blaze Pizza Garlic Knots

Blaze Pizza Garlic Knots. Bbq chkn (half pizza) 380: Developed by executive chef bradford kent and.

Garlic 80 cal · spinach 0 cal. But there are other options too! Half pizza + side salad.

Bbq Chkn (Half Pizza) 380:

Half pizza + dough knots b. Classic dough, spicy red sauce, vegan cheese, banana peppers, basil, pineapple (yes, i’m a pineapple on pizza guy), jalapenos, roasted garlic, sauteed onion and buffalo sauce to finish it off. Cut dough into 12 equal pieces.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour), Flour Mix (Durum Semolina, Sugar, Salt, Spice), Yeast, Water, Shredded Mozzarella:


By signing up you agree to our. The new item is a modern twist on traditional breadsticks, blaze said. Blaze pizza 4 piece dough knots ingredients.

Yes, The Cinna Knots At Blaze Pizza Are Vegan.

An order of four cost me $2.95 and came with red sauce and garlic pesto for dipping. We wanna know…what's your fav take two combo? Although i am now craving pizza, garlic knots, and cheesy bread.

Blaze Offers Signature Garlic Knots.

Pesto garlic cheesy bread . Half pizza + side salad. Cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil:


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Developed By Executive Chef Bradford Kent And.

The blaze pizza restaurants are obviously pizzerias that provide customers the opportunity to create their own pizzas. This is knot a drill! Hot link (half pizza) 390:

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