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Digiorno Spinach Garlic Pizza Review

Digiorno Spinach Garlic Pizza Review. Digiorno spinach and garlic, thin & crispy pizza review. I’m a sucker for anything cheesy and made with spinach.

Digiorno spinach, mushroom & garlic pizza w/ rising crust. Now i’m not a health nut, or even a vegetarian for that matter, but i did like the last spinach and garlic, thin and crispy pizza i had from digiorno. This cook and serve frozen digiorno pizza is made with 100% real cheese and digiorno signature tomato sauce.

Spinach Wasn't Dried Kind Either And Tasty.

The spices on the pizza were awesome and the thickness was over the top great!! While looking for unique varieties of pie to sample, this pizza caught my eye. First off, you are instructed to cook the pizza directly on the oven rack and without a pan.

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It is by far the best pizza i have had in awhile!!! More accurately, there is a garlic butter sauce on the pizza, but no actual cloves or visible traces of it. I saw the spinach & mushroom and had to try!

So The Other Day I’m At The Store And Thought “What The Heck!

Check out our selection of delicious thin crust frozen pizzas. Yes some is better then others.but nothing compares to restaurant pizza, no matter what the commercials imply. The digiorno original rising crust bakes up crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

We Tried The Digiorno Spinach, Mushroom And Garlic Rising Crust Pizza Last Night.

I’m a di giorno fan, and i buy their cheese pizza a lot. I loved the last pizza from digiorno. If you’re on a diet, you’ll definitely want to save the second melt for another day, or give it to a friend.


The Digiorno Rising Crust Spinach Mushroom & Garlic Pizza Is Made With Only The Very Best:

A single melt has 320 calories (110 from fat), which ramps up to 640 if you eat two. It’s tasty, but it’s also hard for me to give accurate feedback, because both times that i ordered one of these from amazon fresh, the pizza was thawed and didn’t bake the way it should. You can purchase it from just about any grocery store and when you bake it, it only.

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