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Great Value Garlic Bread Cooking Instructions

Great Value Garlic Bread Cooking Instructions. Cut the bread into ~2 cm (1 in) slices. How to air fry great value garlic texas toast.

Air fry your frozen garlic break for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees f. Add more if you want it to be extra garlicky and buttery. Preheat oven to 425°f (220°c) place frozen slices on aluminum foil or flat baking tray on middle oven rack.

While It’s True That Sourdough Bread Can Seem Intimidating If You’re Unfamiliar Wit.

Place bread spread side up on baking sheet, place baking sheet on middle rack in center of oven. There are 180 calories in 2 1 slices (57 g) of great value garlic bread. Remove bread from foil bag and place bread halves, garlic side up, on baking sheet.


No Need To Thaw — The Frozen Garlic Bread Pieces Can Go Straight From The Freezer To The Oven.

And great toasted the next day! After the 5 minutes have passed, go ahead and flip your garlic bread. Preheat air fryer to 400f.

Place Bread On Grill Rack.

Step 1 set the oven to 400°f. Do not use aluminum foil in a microwave. In a separate microwave safe bowl, add butter, garlic, italian seasoning.

Slice In Individual Servings And Enjoy!


Place slices flat, on cooking surface. In the video i used. How do you make great value garlic bread?

Add More If You Want It To Be Extra Garlicky And Buttery.

Remove bread from bag, wrap in aluminum foil. Place baking pan on middle oven rack. Ham and cheese puff pastry turnovers make a quick and easy homemade lunch, dinner, or snack.

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