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Le Creuset Garlic Press

Le Creuset Garlic Press. The lid fits securely and is designed to prevent light from entering and odours from escaping. The le creuset 3 ½ quart cast iron oval oven is on a great special, reg.

Experiment to find the strength you like best. You can quickly and easily press multiple cloves of garlic at once with this le creuset stainless steel garlic press due to its large capacity chamber. Add extra flavour and depth to your dishes using our expertly crafted garlic press.

£32, Available At Le Creuset (Out Of Stock) Weight:

Designed for complete convenience, there isn’t even any need to peel your cloves beforehand. It crushes the whole clove in an instant. 5 out of 5 customer rating.

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This garlic press is made from stainless steel which looks great with a stylish design. Replace the lid with the filter pulled up and out of the coffee. It can also be used to press other ingredients like ginger.

The Dutch Oven Works Well On All Heat Sources, Including Induction And Oven Safe.


Simply slip a clove into the head and press down using the steel handle. Perfect for a roast chicken, oven baked bread, stews and more. Le creuset 7.25 qt round dutch oven, cerise red.

If You’re After A Product That Is Easy To Clean Then Look For A Garlic Press That Can Be Placed In The Dishwasher.

For the price we expected more. Allow the coffee to steep for a few minutes: Comfortable to hold, good for peeled cloves cons:

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Le Creuset Garlic Keeper, Dune Natural.

Experiment to find the strength you like best. The le creuset garlic press is the best designed i have ever had. Le creuset has nearly 100 years' experience in producing and supplying top quality cookware.


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