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Osceola Turkey Hunts The Seasons You Wait

You will arrive at the camp after lunch, get settled in, and then visit the range to double check patterns. You will then try to get on an Osceola that afternoon or roost an Osceola for the following morning, and then finish the day with a home-cooked meal. It’s time to get out early the next morning for some Osceola turkey hunting; we either use store-bought or man-made blinds, or we hunt the run and gun style. Everything is dependent on the guide, the hunter, and the area in which you will be hunting. The birds respond well to decoys and a little calling in the early morning hours. The majority of Osceolas are killed in the early morning hours.

After the morning hunt, we’ll return to the camp for a hearty breakfast and some downtime, or we’ll head back into the woods for a midday break. Our setups for the midday and afternoon hunts are near the travel corridor between the feeding areas and the bird roosting areas.

Since calling turkeys does not produce good results after the morning hunt is over, we will head back to camp for a delicious home-cooked meal that will be ready and waiting for us when we return.

Our guides are excellent turkey callers and are well-versed in the local area. Two of our tour guides are world-class custom turkey call designers and builders. In the woods, we have more than a dozen trail cameras running almost all of the time, allowing us to see where the gobblers are and what patterns they are following.

We have a local taxidermist who does excellent work, so you can leave your turkey with us and he will ship it back to you once it has been mounted and displayed properly. If you don’t want to worry about bringing a gun with you, we also have guns available for you to use (that are specifically set up for turkey hunting).


Ultimately, our goal is for you to successfully harvest your Florida Osceola turkey and enjoy one of the most memorable hunting trips of your life!

Hunting Osceola turkeys is a great way to start the spring season while taking advantage of some of the best weather the state has to offer in South Florida. Osceola turkeys can be very vocal and eager to gobble in the mornings when they are on the roost, but they have a tendency to be quiet and stealthy once they are on the ground because there are many predators in the Everglades looking for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Osceola turkeys spend the majority of their days moving through swamps, cypress heads, oak hammocks, pine woods, pastures, and agricultural fields in search of hens to breed with and toms and jakes with whom to establish dominance. Osceola turkeys can be found in the following habitats: Depending on their attitude, they will either come running to calls and decoys or shy away from them. Overall, hunting Osceolas is a unique and unforgettable experience that every outdoorsman should have. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of your heart pounding in your throat as that Osceola turkey approaches you, strutting and gobbling in your direction.

Harvesting Osceola turkeys is one of the most difficult tasks a hunter can undertake. Areas that have been pre-scouted will be prepared with ground blinds in advance of the hunter’s arrival. These hunts are fully guided by well-seasoned guides who have many years of experience hunting these elusive birds in their natural habitat. A hunter’s dream, the Osceola Turkey is a highly sought-after game bird, and Florida is the only place in the world where this particular species of turkey can be harvested. Because the Osceola Turkey is a difficult bird to harvest, we only allow a limited number of hunters to participate in order to keep hunting pressure to a bare minimum. If you prefer to “run and gun” or hunt with minimal assistance, rather than hunting from a blind, please let us know in advance and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

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The primary RHR ranch land on which we go turkey hunting has more than 10 miles of border and is divided into two sections: hardwood hammock on one side and uplands on the other, with pine forest, cut-over, roads, and food plots on the other. As a result of the recent purchase of a large utility corporation’s 6500-acre parcel that borders us directly to the east, we now have a fantastic breeding ground for the Osceola turkey, which shares approximately 5 miles of border with us!


Because all of the land on which we hunt is private ranch land, we have the ability to plant food plots and hunt throughout the day. If you tag out on your bird early in the day, you can either hunt another species of game, such as wild boar, or you can go on a guided saltwater fishing trip, or you can visit one of the many other attractions in the surrounding area. Make sure to check out our fishing and other entertaining pages on our website!

The rights to turkey hunting on other private ranch lands (that are not year-round outfitters like us, but are typically working peanut, sod hay, cattle, or watermelon farms) that are close by to our primary ranch have also been negotiated, which further expands the opportunities for our turkey hunting guests on those ranches. The hunts we conduct on private ranches typically provide very close to a 100 percent shooting opportunity, and they are considered to be among the best in the entire state of Florida for this reason.

Tall Tine Outfitters is one of many Osceola turkey outfitters to choose from, but few, if any, have exclusive hunting rights to as much private land as Tall Tine Outfitters. Our Osceola turkey hunts take place on more than 30,000 acres of prime Osceola turkey habitat, which we manage. For hunters in Central Florida, the diverse landscape of pine flatwoods, oak hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps, and open pastureland provides an abundance of opportunities to see and hear the numerous turkeys that live on these properties.

If success is the yardstick by which to judge the quality of Osceola Turkey Outfitters, we must be at the very top of the list. In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a 99 percent success rate in providing shooting opportunities for our clients, with many of those clients coming back again and again. When it comes to our hunting clients, success rates are equal in both zones.

Tall Tine Outfitters has made it their mission to provide their clients with the best hunting experience possible. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and are ready to assist you in capturing that coveted trophy, or if you prefer, you are welcome to take on the challenge of calling him in on your own time. We guarantee that your experience hunting with us as your Osceola turkey outfitter will be rewarding and memorable in every way.


We have been guiding Osceola turkey hunts on approximately 9,800 acres of private, well-managed land since the early 1930s, and we continue to do so today. In conjunction with a limited number of hunts, ethical hunting policies help ensure that each hunter has the opportunity to take a shot at an unpressured bird. When you hunt with Black Tine Outfitters, we work hard to put you on the trophy bird of a lifetime. Our three-day hunting package includes all the necessary equipment, such as a guide, transportation, calls, decoys, and other decoys, as well as lodging and meals. Despite the fact that it is a three-day hunt, over 80% of our clients tag out by the end of the second day.the owner of Black Tine Outfitters, my personal guarantee is that neither myself nor any of my guides will place you in a hunting area where I would not personally hunt. With an opportunity rate of more than 90% for the past nine years in a row, you can be confident that our team has the knowledge and experience to bring the elusive Osceola to the ground.Allow us to assist you in completing your grand slam. We also welcome all youth hunters, and we take great pride in being a part of a youngster’s first successful bird hunt or harvest.

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In Florida, hunting for Osceola turkeys has long been considered the ultimate turkey hunt. There is something about the terrain, the vegetation, the animals, and the sound of a turkey gobbling that will beckon you to this place in particular. starting in the month of February. Hundreds of birds are gobbling, strutting, and deciding who’s in charge, and you won’t want to miss a single second of it. Hunting for Florida Osceola turkeys should be enjoyed by everyone, and we offer youth hunts for this purpose.

We hunt on more than 8,000 acres of private land with a large mature bird population that we own. There are no jakes or two-year-old birds permitted. Osceola turkeys are found in a variety of habitats, including oak hammocks, palmetto flats, cypress heads, and swamps. All of our hunts are fully guided, but you have the option to run the show with one of our guides accompanying you. You will be placed in an area where you will be able to proceed on your own, or we will assist you with the setup and phone calls. The majority of the areas are a mix of oak hammocks, open palmettos, and swamps, which all combine to create a memorable hunting experience.

Osceola turkeys with a bow are the ultimate, and if this is what you’re looking for, we can make it happen for you. I have all of the necessary equipment, including decoys, blinds, a thermacell, and more. Gun hunters will have no difficulty, whether they bring their own shotgun or use one of the several we have available. As a result of airline baggage restrictions, this is a viable option right now. Osceolas are magnificent birds, and even if you are not pursuing a grand slam, every turkey hunter should take the time to hunt them.

All hunts are $250 per day per person, plus the trophy fees listed below for each animal taken. This includes everything from lodging to guide service to meals to beverages, capping and ice to transportation. Prices for non-hunter guests are $200 per day.


Osceola turkeys are only found in Florida, and they are endangered. As a result, they are a highly prized bird. Hunting an Osceola turkey differs from hunting most other types of turkeys. When they are in the trees roosting, they tend to be more vocal, whereas when they are on the ground, they tend to be less vocal. Nine times out of ten, they arrive silently, but when they do, you are in for a treat because they are a show. The majority of turkeys are harvested in the morning, and their vocalizations decrease in the evenings. Osceola turkeys can be found in a variety of habitats, including oak hammocks, palmetto flats, cypress heads, and swamps. All of our hunts are fully guided, but if you prefer, you can do the calling yourself with one of our guides accompanying you. We only book a limited number of Osceola hunts each spring, so it is best to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

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Even though Osceola turkeys are one of the most sought-after game birds in the world, hunting them can be one of the most difficult and demanding hunts you will ever experience. The ranches where we hunt are beautiful, pristine, and unspoiled, and they are not overhunted in the way that some other areas are. This ensures that your Florida Osceola hunting experience is elevated to an entirely new level, and virtually guarantees you the best possible harvest. As a result, we only harvest a certain number of turkeys from each ranch each year, ensuring that our clients have the best possible chance to harvest a mature bird.

The Osceola turkey, also known as the Florida turkey, is one of the most coveted and sought-after game species in Florida, and it is also one of the most difficult to find. One of five wild turkey subspecies found in North America, this bird is a one-of-a-kind. The Osceola is unique in that it can only be found on the Florida peninsula and nowhere else in the world, making it extremely sought after by hunters. We have several different hunting options (with or without lodging, etc.) for you to consider and select from. Please see below for more information. We offer fully guided turkey hunts that are suitable for both novice and experienced hunters. In most instances, we have a very high success rate on our hunts! In addition, we recommend using only twelve gauge or larger shotguns, as well as a three-inch or longer, high brass magnum load of twos, fours, or sixes, or perhaps a duplex of two and four shotguns. Please pattern your shotgun before your hunt with the loads that you will be using in order to ensure that your shotgun performs optimally. We do recommend that all of our clients be in good physical condition, but the only physical requirement for this hunt is that they be able to walk for long distances.

If you want to hunt turkeys in Florida, you must first obtain a hunting license ($10.00 for residents and $125.00 for non-residents) and then a turkey permit ($10.00 for residents and $125.00 for non-residents), both of which are required. Detailed information on licensing requirements, license costs, and the process of purchasing licenses (on-line or by phone with a credit card).

Except in the case of two people in your party, all hunts will be conducted with a single guide and one customer. In this case, you may be assigned one guide and two customers. 3 day hunts (3 morning and 3 afternoon) or a harvested bird, whichever comes first, are included in the price of the hunt.


The number of turkeys available for purchase varies from season to season, and they are sold on a first come, first served basis. We will not hold birds unless we receive payment. Anyone interested in booking a turkey trip should do so as soon as possible because these birds do not remain available for long.

Consider purchasing a premium package that includes lodging for three days when booking your hunt to save 35% on lodging costs.

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