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Pidyon Haben Garlic Sugar

Pidyon Haben Garlic Sugar. The guests take the sugar and garlic home with them, and whoever partakes of a dish which was flavored by one of these, is considered to have taken part in the pidyon haben repast. People would give out sugar and garlic which is relatively cheap.

The rebbe is not referring to a source why we serve garlic at the pidyan haben. The halachos of pidyon haben. It is for this reason that one shares food from the pidyon haben meal with others.

Among The Many Reasons I Have Heard For This Custom:

These strongly flavored foods can be used to flavor a large quantity of food which will in some sense extend the mitzvah of participation in the ceremony to all who eat them. The reason sugar and garlic are used is because according to tradition, it is a great segulah to eat food that was served at a pidyon haben. (originally featured in family first, issue 744)

The Question Intrigued Me, So I Did A Google Search.

The dollar value of the five sela’im. Silver plated tray, white outfit, pillow case, silver coins, garlic/sugar bags. It is for this reason that one shares food from the pidyon haben meal with others.


The Reason Is Because Someone Who Is At The Seuda Of A Pidyon It Is Considered As If He Fasted 40 Fasts.

We also passed out garlic and sugar cubes to our guests. When is the pidyon performed? When the recipients cooked with the sugar and garlic used in a misva, it was as if they were taking part in the seudat misva of pidyon haben.

In The Middle Ages, It Was Common To Carry The Baby Out To His Pidyon Haben On A Silver Platter.

The mitzvah is performed optimally when the baby turns a month old, by giving a kohein five sela’im of silver, equal to about 96 grams of silver ( chazon ish ). In kabbalistic terms, if the guests cook and serve the garlic and sugar in a meal, the merit of the pidyon haben is theirs as well. The sugar cubes show that the mitzvos are sweet, and garlic is a symbol and segula for fertility.

The Meal Of A Pidyon Haben Is Equivalent To Fasting 84 Fasts.


When the garlic or sugar is put into other foods, those foods also become part of the meal of the pidyon haben. The garlic is to ward off the ayin hara. One of the simplest explanations i have seen (pidyon haben kihilchasah) states the following.

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