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Roasted Garlic And Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic And Sea Salt. You will fall in love with this versatile sea salt! Perfect as both an ingredient salt and finishing salt.

Sprinkle over veggies before roasting. 4 lb (case of 6) 4 lb. Roasted garlic tomato basil pizza

Our Sea Salt Has Been Nicknamed The Gamechanger By Its Followers.

It is delicious on chicken, meat, or roasted vegetables. For best results store in refrigerator. This sophisticated, smart salt mellows and sweetens in the most glorious, garlicky way.

Made With Real Roasted Garlic.

Our roasted garlic sea salt is the healthier, tastier, gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. Roasted garlic tomato basil pizza Blended with real roasted garlic, this versatile salt is a must have for garlic lovers.

Do The Same With The Mushrooms, Bell Pepper And Onion On Another Sheet.


Toss the potatoes and brussels sprouts with olive oil and spread out on a baking sheet. Perfect as both an ingredient salt and finishing salt. Intensely aromatic and rich, the buttery flavor of roasted garlic blended with roasted garlic sea salt makes for a mouthwatering savory treat.

2 Cloves Of Garlic, Minced Sea Salt And Pepper To Taste Preheat Oven To 475 Degrees.

Add to soup, gravies, dry rubs, and wet marinades or even mixed into hamburger. Enriched wheat flour, water, roasted garlic, yeast*, organic sourdough, wheat semolina, sea salt, cultured wheat starch/flour, malted barley flour, citric acid, vinegar, cultured dextrose. Season chicken, beef, and eggs.

Roasting Garlic Takes Away The Sharp Bite That Raw Garlic Has And Gives It A Deep Buttery Aroma That Works Well In Every Place That Traditional Garlic Salt Fits.

We love this roasted garlic sea salt on pretty much everything. We also sell roasted garlic salt in bulk. Sprinkle on italian bread with a generous coat of butter and toast in the oven or broiler until golden brown.


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