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Spanish Roja Garlic For Sale

Spanish Roja Garlic For Sale. Spanish roja garlic is not sold in supermarkets nationwide, and perhaps never will be for a variety of reasons, but passionate farmers and common people have shown us that this garlic has brought together a community of people striving to cultivate a unique product with superior flavor. Grows well in cold climates but prefers warmer winters.

Spanish roja, an heirloom garlic, (a garden plant whose lineage can be traced for a 100 years or more) came to the portland, oregon area over a hundred years ago and was originally known as greek or greek blue garlic. Easy to peel cloves with purple/pink streaks throughout, these bulbs look amazing. Its large cloves are easily peeled.

Spanish Roja's Outer Wrapper Varies In Color, From A Rich Cream To Deep Purple Stripes.

Spanish roja premium garlic seed for growing in canada. A strong flavored, hot and spicy garlic. Garlic lovers choose this as one of their favorites.


Ajo Rojo Spanish Hardneck Garlic Seed Cloves.

Grows well in northern states. Spanish roja garlic is an amazing rocambole. Many connoisseurs believe that when well grown its flavor describes true garlic.

Harvest Fall Planted Garlic The Following Season, Late Spring Or Early Summer, About 240 Days From Planting.

1 seed garlic bag containing 25 hand selected cloves suitable for planting. Spanish roja has a deep, rich, complex favour that will enhance any recipe. Grows well in cold climates but prefers warmer winters.

The Origins Of Spanish Roja Trace Back To The Early 1900'S From Oregon And Was Originally Known As Greek Blue Garlic.


Spanish roja garlic is a certified, early season garlic harvest! Bulbs contain 5 to 6 large easy to peel cloves. Harvest spring planted garlic the same season, about 90 days from planting.

Recognized By Slow Food Usa Ark Of Taste Variety Worthy Of Preservation.

Our plants are selected by our experts & come with care guides specific to the plant. This garlic is famous for its rich, robust, earthy flavor. Storage 3 to 4 months.

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